Our firm has signed a collaboration agreement with Spain Grandall Law Firm; the representative of the Chinese law firm Grandall Law Firm; for further information please visit http://www.grandall.com.cn.

One of the essential objectives of the abovementioned agreement is to establish a network throughout Latin America, led by Sales Boyoli and involving law firms to receive legal work, coming mainly from the People’s Republic of China.

中国办事处Spain Grandall Law Firm律所已经迁出了一项合作协议。Spain Grandall Law Firm律所是Grandall Law Firm 律所的代表。


该协议的主要目标之一是在拉丁美洲建立一个由 Sales Boyoli领导的律师事务所网络。该网络的目的是发送法律工作,主要来自中华人民共和国。

Grandall Firm collaborators (Shanghai Office)